Dryland Fitness and Rehabilitation

At The Wellness Centre, our canine rehabilitation professionals often use the FitPAWS® equipment for diagnosing weak or imbalanced muscular structure as well as part of their rehabilitation services for post-surgery and injury recovery. 

The Jog-a-Dog treadmill is also used for gait analysis and progression tracking throught the rehabilitation process.


As with all our programs, veterinary health clearance from your regular veterinarian is required. 


The first session is with our personnel is to introduce the equipment to you and your dog.  After this session, you are able to chose self service, or have our staff work with you, or privately with your dog.

All services (fitness and theraputic) require signed and completed veterinary forms stating that the dog is fit to partake in aquatic and fitness activities, as well as a signed Client Consent Form.

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