Canine Hydrotherapy

Just like with us humans, low impact hydrotherapy is essential for rehabilitation from injury and treatment for mobility related conditions with dogs. 


Exercising in a non weight bearing environment allows the animal to relieve pressure on sensitive joints or injured tissues, reducing pain and encouraging a better range of movement.


Actually, canine hydrotherapy is rapidly becoming the preferred treatment for mobility issues, age related conditions and post surgical rehabilitation around the world.

Hydrotherapy at The Pawsh Dog Wellness Centre is practiced under direct veterinary supervision. We work to aid in post-surgery rehabilitation or for conservative management of conditions including: Arthritis, Cruciate ligament rupture, Degenerative myelopathy (DM), Elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia, age related mobility problems, Obesity control, Patella luxation, Spinal injuries including fractures and disk ruptures, and Spondylosis.

All services (fitness and theraputic) require signed and completed veterinary forms stating that the dog is fit to partake in aquatic activities, as well as a signed Client Consent Form.

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